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About Digital CV
In our fast paced word, in times when unemployment rates are pretty high, a simple resume and cover letter are often not enough to get a job. One of the techniques that have been gaining in popularity recently is a Digital CV.

Everybody have their dream job and a dream to establish their career. It may sound easy but is not, an individual has to go through a long difficult process to reach their destination. Firstly when you apply for any job, a perfect resume has to be created. Nowadays paper resumes have been taken over by Digital CV. A Digital CV is a way for job seekers to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. The Digital CV allows prospective employers to actually see and hear the applicant’s capability and how he presents themselves. Digital CV is growing in popularity because of the modern capabilities of transmitting streaming video via the internet. If you want to stand out in the competitive job market and shine ahead of the hundreds of other applicants lining up for the job that you are gunning for, you should consider updating your traditional text resume and creating a Digital CV to go with it. It needs to be appropriate for the target industry and particular career.


A Digital CV is exactly what it sounds like - a method of showcasing your career aspirations via video. It is a short clip, between one and three minutes in length, featuring you as a prospective employee. This method of self-promotion has been gaining popularity in recent years and its use during a job search is highly recommended. A Digital CV is a recorded account of a job applicant's skills, background, and suitability for the position. In some job arenas, Digital CV are used more as a gimmick, but in certain professions they may be requested or even required.


A Digital CV may just be the key to your next job. Still relatively new, Digital CV are now being used to land smart job seekers their “dream job,” because now a days the HR field is beginning to embrace online branding and the use of new technology. Making a Digital CV to define your skills and to highlight your experiences just makes sense, especially for creative professionals who need to show off their creativity and ability to change with the times.

Your Online Digital CV
Online Video Interview Advantages Of Digital CV Digital CV Services Offered services
This is just like a face to face interview.
It can happen while you sit in front of your computer in your home
Both Recruiters and Jobseekers gets 3 dimension views before physical appearance.
» Expose your self in digital form.
» Express your education, knowlege.
» Showcase of your experince an skills.
» Best choice for dream job.
» Script writing for digital cv.
» Creation of digital cv.
» Editing of digital cv.
» Stored in cd/dvd.
» Uploading of digital cv.
» In reach of all recuriters.
» Mobile version of digital cv.
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» Corporate traning
» Project traning
» Resume Development
» Cover Letter
» On Job traning
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