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How Digital CV Work?
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Although a Digital CV can help you to find a perfect job, it may also happen to be wasted effort, or worse, the video may turn out to be detrimental to your career, if the continent and presentation is not upto mark . The clip should be an attractive addition – not a mere presentation of your educational background and work experience. Use it to emphasize your strong points, to show how you may differ from other candidates or to explain why you are a perfect candidate for a certain post.


In addition to help you more, we at Digital CV provides you professionally written script based on your education and experience and also targeted on your skills, abilities and talent,  which applies in area of specialization or field of interest.  We have fully equipped video studio, where we shoot your Digital CV, edits and convert into CD/DVD form also we provide the format of video which your mobile supports e.g.  .3GP, .MP4, .AVI etc.


We at Digital CV helps you to upload your own Digital CV on various video websites and exclusively we provide a webpage like WWW.YOURNAME.DIGITALCV.IN  in which you can access your very own Digital CV well as detailed text introduction globally without paying extra cost.

How does an online interview work ?
There are a various tools easily available in the market which the companies can install. Here the few types of online interview that the companies are utilizing. In this system , standard interview question are recorded and specific time is provided for the candidates to reply. These recorded question are then sent to the job applicants. Employers set up the time & date with the candidates for an interview via A/V chat sessions .

E-mail and Internet access have made working remotely easier for many professions and significantly changed our personal and professional lives. Online Video conferences and other popular tools have made virtual meetings possible for workers located throughout the globe. Now, that technology is showing up earlier in the workplace: during the job interview. Many organizations are now using video interviews to hire candidates in lieu of old-fashioned in-person meetings. Online Video interviews are beginning to pop up in job searches and they will continue to grow in the coming years.

    • Create Customs Interview with question specific to position
    • Connect with candidates through invitations
    • Collect the recorded videos and digital CV
    • Collaborate on hiring with team of HR managers to comment and score the candidates
    • Review and select Reduced costs top candidates Reviewer  Saved Time Higher quality candidate
Your Online Digital CV
Online Video Interview Advantages Of Digital CV Digital CV Services Offered services
» This is just like a face to face interview.
» It can happen while you sit in front of your computer in your home
» Both Recruiters and Jobseekers gets 3 dimension views before physical appearance.
» Expose your self in digital form.
» Express your education, knowlege.
» Showcase of your experince an skills.
» Best choice for dream job.
» Script writing for digital cv.
» Creation of digital cv.
» Editing of digital cv.
» Stored in cd/dvd.
» Uploading of digital cv.
» In reach of all recuriters.
» Mobile version of digital cv.
» HR Solutions
» Corporate traning
» Project traning
» Resume Development
» Cover Letter
» On Job traning
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