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Role Of Social Networking
Today, almost everyone who is connected to the Net, is present on at least one networking Website, be it Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. For workaholics, the most popular professional networking site is LinkedIn. There are many professional networking sites which help the experts to contact each other. People can improve in their life by using these sites and they should prepare their profile for this process. It is better to contact the recruiters and professional experts. There is chance of getting the information about the vacancies and appointment details before everyone.

Realizing the vast number of candidates that can be easily tapped on these
portals, companies and head hunters have begun to rely on them to find potential employees. In a survey it is found that "Out of the vast pool of talent, only 20% is available on job portals. The remaining 80% is still untapped. To reach out to them, networking Websites work as an effective tool,"
Use Of Digital Technology in Recruitment
Until recently, the process of seeking a job followed a familiar routine – scan the newspaper recruitment pages, or visit an agency, then dispatch your carefully prepared CV (or resume if you’re American) in all directions. Now though, those who want to stand out in a crowded job market are resorting to more sophisticated approaches.

As technology advances in recruitment and selection, it not only allows job seekers more options to find a career, it also allows companies to streamline their hiring processes. Because of technology, organizations get hundreds, sometimes thousands of resumes on a daily basis. There's a need to organize the massive amounts of applications received, so most companies use a variety of technologies to assist them. Employers want all available data, to know whether they are hiring good people or not. There are questions of work ethics, questions of sensibility, etc. Its not just about social networks, they are going to use all available data to assure themselves that they are making good recruiting choices.

Online recruitment is the use of technology to attract candidates and aid the recruitment process. The use of technology within human resource management has grown considerably in recent years. The key drivers for e-recruitment identified in the survey among those making use of technology were reducing recruitment costs.


Online recruitment has the potential to

  • Speed up the recruitment cycle and streamline administration
  • Allow organizations to make use of IT systems to manage vacancies more effectively and co-ordinate recruitment processes
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Reach a wide pool of applicants
  • Reach a niche pool of applicants
  • Make internal vacancies widely known across multiple sites and separate divisions
  • Provide the image of an up-to-date organization, reinforcing employer branding and giving an indication of organization culture
  • Offer access to vacancies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reaching a global audience
  • Be a cost effective way to build a talent bank for future vacancies
  • Help handle high volume job applications in a consistent way
  • Provide more tailored information to the post and organization eg case histories of the ‘day in the life’ or self-assessment questionnaire or quiz to assess fit with role
  • Be spontaneous for candidates as ease of use means there is the ability for applications to be instantaneous

There is no doubt that technology is changing the world of recruitment. Getting the right People in the right Jobs is more important than ever. If you want to get ahead, get in tune with the latest techniques.


Technology can be used

  • To advertise vacancies – on your organisation’s website, job sites, or on social networking sites
  • To deal with the applications – email enquiries, emailed application forms/CVs, online completion of application forms
  • To select candidates – online testing, information gathering
  • To enhance employer brand
  • To create a personal relationship with your talent pool.
Your Online Digital CV
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