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About Video Resume
Video resume is the latest rage which provides a job aspirant an opportunity to present himself effectively before a potential employer. It offers distinct advantages over the dry, impersonal and verbiage paper resumes by allowing the candidates a scope to showcase their skills and talents. Besides, 90% of the traditional resumes maintain the similar format and almost identical tone of writing. This, unfortunately, makes the job of a recruiter quite tiresome and exasperating. Video resumes, on the other hand, presents the candidates in a unique and creative fashion which makes the profiles more enjoyable and interesting.

Videos resume actually provides an insight into the personality of a candidate which is reflected in the finer nuances of his non-verbal communication, vocal inflection and confident bearing. Such characteristic traits often determine whether an applicant is suitable for a position. Besides, video resumes also increase the efficiency of a recruiter by reducing the risk of sorting all irrelevant profiles which are unfit for a position.

A video resume allows the candidate to narrate his qualification and experiences in his own voice which renders a personal touch to his profile. Although video resumes have grown in popularity over the last few years, they have not outnumbered the traditional paper resumes as yet. As a result, the candidates who present themselves with video resumes enjoy a definite edge over their competitors who have applied for the same post with printed documents. A video resume is a highly effective tool which can boost a candidate's chances of getting selected in an interview.
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» This is just like a face to face interview.
» It can happen while you sit in front of your computer in your home
» Both Recruiters and Jobseekers gets 3 dimension views before physical appearance.
» Expose your self in digital form.
» Express your education, knowlege.
» Showcase of your experince an skills.
» Best choice for dream job.
» Script writing for digital cv.
» Creation of digital cv.
» Editing of digital cv.
» Stored in cd/dvd.
» Uploading of digital cv.
» In reach of all recuriters.
» Mobile version of digital cv.
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