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What Is online Interview ?

In this fast paced world, it has become necessary for companies who are hiring to speedup the recruitment process while keeping costs under check. Employers are looking out for newer options to accelerate their employment drives. With advancement and continuous development of technology, hiring processes have undergone tremendous metamorphosis. In a global marketplace, employers are beginning to realize that their best potential employees might

not live in the same city, the same state, or even the same country. The connecting power of the Internet and social media, however, give companies the ability to recruit and screen potential applicants no matter how far away they may live. And Online Video Interview is playing a huge role in this shift in the way hiring is done. With such a large number of people spending so much time online, the recruitment industry had to work out a different way of finding potential candidates. The result of this was a very efficient online recruitment model that has continued to develop to meet the needs of employers and candidates alike.

Some experts see the Online Video Interview as a highly efficient way to job hunt and believe it could realize a win-win situation for both employers and candidates. The candidate's expression and conversation will be an important part to help recruiters to work out a comprehensive assessment. Furthermore, during the Online Video Interview, recruiters can evaluate a candidate's computer skill by asking him or her to type or conduct some special applications. It is more efficient than traditional interviews.

Advantages Of Online Interview

Keeping all the advantages of the traditional interviews intact, Online Video Interviews go a step ahead by considerably saving the company's recruitment costs. Online Video Interviews are cheap, effective, efficient and a long term option available for employers while recruiting. On one hand, employers initially screen candidates through the Online Video Interviews on a larger scale, saving employment costs. On the other hand, it saves candidates' costs too, moreover, the familiar environment of a sitting room or study can help to put candidates at ease helping them perform better at interview. No matter where you are around the world or what browser or operating system you use an Online Video Interviews can be accessible.


Get to know your candidates as more than a resume
Manage recruiting teams with groups and roles
Easy candidate ranking with scoring, voting and commenting
Fast and efficient for organizations and candidates

Why Use Online Interview

Online Video Interviews bridge the gap between the interviewer and interviewee in terms of distance between the two parties. A qualified candidate can still apply to a company that is based across the continent.

  • Save time & money by streamlining your selection process
  • Increase the consistency of your candidate selection
  • Make the hiring process more collaborative
  • Get to know your candidates as more than a resume
  • Centralize candidate tracking into one place
Why Online Interview Better than Telephonic Interview

Researchers could also consider the relative merits of telephone interviews with those of online interviews.


Advantages of online interviews compared to telephone interviews include:-

  • Readily available transcripts
  • Usually no additional cost such as the cost of a telephone call
  • Asynchronous Online Video Interviews enable people in different time zones to communicate more conveniently
  • Asynchronous Online Video Interviews eliminate the need to schedule the interview as the interviewers and interviewees do not need to be online at the same time.
  • Ability to receive and give verbal cues
  • It is quicker to speak than type
  • It is easier for the interviewer to bring the interview back 'on topic' quickly
Your Online Digital CV
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